HAL: AWS s3-sns based single-slack-command bot to handle your VPC

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Introduction I recently build a Slack command to help me handle actions on my VPC. The only thing you need is an AWS account - Free Tier it's ok. I recently wrote about how to maximize resources, with particular focus on the number of hours you have in Free Tier - using specific CloudWatch Rules. In this article, I want to describe how I extended my architecture to invoke actions - potentially, all the action provided by Amazon Web Services official SDK(s) - with a single Slack command.

GoLang vs Python: deep dive into the concurrency

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Introduction In the last months, I worked a lot with GoLang on several projects. Although I'm certainly not an expert, there are several things that I really appreciate about this language: first, it has a clear and simple syntax, and more than once I noticed that the style of the Github developers is very close to the style used in old C programs. From a theoretical point of view, GoLang seems to take the best of all worlds: there is the power of high-level languages, made simple by clear rules - even if sometime they are a little bit binding - that can impose a solid logic to the code.

Elasticsearch over My home Network Attached Storage

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Introduction I always owned a lot of hard drives: I don’t know why, I always used and still use to look for space to save my data. In the years, I started using disks, then I assembled a HP Proliant to be a Synology Based System - I don’t want to go the cloud because I’m stupid - and… in the last week, I decided to make order in a huge amount of files.

My first textual game

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A beautiful childhood I’ve never been a fan of videogames, neither as a child nor today: do not get me wrong, as many guys of my generation I also owned and played with the legendary PlayStation 1 (1995)1 and PlayStation 22 by Sony and the Nintendo Game Boy3. It was fun, but not so much as playing to videogames born a few years before I was born. In the 80s, there were not yet the powerful graphics chips that today can be found with a few hundred euros.

How to plan your daily activity with Python

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The problems of life Each of us has dreams, aspirations, hobbies, interests, but also hundreds of deadlines, a thousand commitments, ten thousand thoughts, a hundred thousand different problems to cope with every day. I am a computer scientist and personally all these things in my life translate into a huge pile of [things/books/articles/guide/blogs] to read, which by the way are very often interrelated. The situation is more or less this: