I am a Platform Engineer working in Prima Assicurazioni with a Bachelor and a Master degree in Computer Science. I own several certification, including some from AWS, Google and Lego. I love Golang, Docker, serverless architecture and quantum computing/mechanics. In my free time, I like to write code - you can find me on Github at @made2591, or write blog or experiments with elettronics. I like the Rubik cube and juggling with balls. I own a small apartment in a small town in the mountains: whenever I can, I move there for a few days to work from remote or ski. I love mountains and the sea. I always search for something to learn, for a team of passionate people to work with, a mentor to guide us, in a company that wants to make the difference.

My academic results

I graduated with honors and distinction with a thesis in the field of neuro-computational model, and specifically about taxonomic response and fast-mapping abilities of children, entitled A Visual Auditory Model based on Growing Self-organizing Maps to analyze the Taxonomic Response in early childhood. For this work, I was invited at the AI*IA conference, held in Genova from Nov 28th to Dec 1st 2016 to receive a special mention as one of the Best Italian Master thesis in Artificial Intelligence ๐Ÿ˜Ž.

My master thesis was published in the Journal of Cognitive System Research and is available here

Some of my talks

Some of my repos

and some others.

Proud of

Some things I’m proud of, a part from solving Rubik Cube (around 2 minutes, but whatever the configuration, even if drunk XD).

Quantum Notes

From time to time, I like studying reading about quantum world and a few time ago I started to collect some quantum-notes: in this document I write my personal notes about IBM Q platform, but most of all the quantum-computing world in general. I was also invited in Verona by the Quantum Research Group to talk about the platform. A pre-compiled (not super updated) version is available here! Enjoy the reading!

AWS CDK contributions

I like Github, opensource software and work on them, mainly to learn from passionate guys all over the world and to improve my skills: this is the reason I’m proud to say that I started contributing to the AWS Cloud Development Kit repository, by both extending the framework and fix minor bugs. I truly believe this library can change the way you can provision infrastructure, and these contributions gave me the right motivation to believe in my capabilities and also the opportunities to help the community.

The go-perceptron-go library

This is my most starred Github repository: it’s a parametric multi-layer perceptron classifier with weights estimated using stochastic gradient descent written in Golang. It also provides parametric network topology - only one array of integers - and validation package with k-fold cross-validation. The repository was originally created for the perceptron only, then I also introduced a recurrent neural network model. This repository was linked as top-ranked on Hacker News for a couple of days and shared on HN social official pages! The link to the repo: go-perceptron-go

Some website I own