How to: create a fleet of container-based-go-lambda with one command

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Introduction As you might know, at the re:Invent AWS recently announced the capabilities of running Lambda by getting the code directly from a docker image you provide, as illustrated here. Moreover, they also announced the Amazon ECR Public and Amazon ECR Public Gallery that you can reach at And this was pretty much my reaction: What you might need to know before begin First of all: keep calm, because there’s already a Github Repo to build an entire fleet of microservices - with their respective ECR-based repository - with only one command from the shell.

Node.js, DynamoDB, and AWS Step Functions to collect <em>sentimented</em> movie reviews

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Introduction Recently I worked with AWS Lambda and API Gateway to extend my set of personal APIs and collect information from several sources. I wrote an article on that (if you want to have a look). In this article I will talk about the AWS Step Functions service that enable create finite states machines to easy coordinate the components of distributed applications and microservices using visual workflows. Why AWS Step Functions?

AWS Lambda, GoLang and Grafana to perform sentiment analysis for your company / business

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Introduction In this article I will talk about my experience with AWS Lambda + API Gateway, GoLang (of course) and Grafana to build a sentiment analysis tool over customizable topics. Who should you read this post? Don’t know, maybe a CIO, a CTO, a CEO, a generic Chief or a MasterChef, for sure an AWS and GoLang fan like me. First of all: to better understand how to use Elasticsearch, read my previous post Elasticsearch over My home Network Attached Storage: it’s not so exciting as it seems, but you will have a general idea about what is Elasticsearch and how can you use it.