From Jekyll to Hugo, from Travis to Gitlab: a time for changes

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Intro In the last 50 days I had to work a lot for many… many different reasons. The main ones: I was accepted as a Speaker at FullStackConf19 in Turin, talking about coding in mobility. You can find the slide of my speech here and the material I prepared the talk in this Github repo. By the way, I was truly inspired by some of the talks during the conference, and I started brainstorming around the next post; I moved back to Italy and trust me -> it was a pretty complex goal to achieve, with particular regards to my car; I joined Enerbrain and I’m really having fun with theme building smart-energy solution as a Devops Engineer; I joined a softball team - yes, it’s mixed, but it’s officially played also by men hahe.

Best wishes for Christmas holidays!

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Merry Christmas by nerds Here we are!! Christmas holidays are coming and it’s time to collect nerd greetings for nerd friends! In this article I have collected some of my favorites: starting from css to the most unhealthy c code in the world, I hope you enjoy these repositories / snippets / gist / sketch! Best wishes for happy holidays! CSS While I was looking for some cool css stuff to share with you, I found this fantastic gist that show the kind of magic a web expert can do with a bunch of css lines.