DRY, immutable, opinionated, agnostic

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Prelude As far as I know there are many ways to create today in IT. What is becoming more difficult is doing it properly and taking the right decisions but (spoiler)... But... I'm starting feeling that my repository is on the right direction to be self.deployable and agnostic. Above the infrastructure, which is provisioned by terragrunt and terraform, one or more actor(s) is placed (i.e. Jenkins, but whoever it is), the actors will be redeployed, the pipelines restored and they will start redeploy applications (even pieces of infrastructure with dependencies) on their behalf to the various parts of the infrastructure.

Go Erlangen!

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A little tool for a small city Here we are!! I recently moved to Germany to join the adidas - platform engineering team. This is a really small piece of GOde (:P) I wrote for Erlangen (my new place) citizens ^^ Needs You will only need an https://www.internationalshowtimes.com/ movie api key. You can get one quite easily by going here Scope You would simply like to be informed about new OV movies on air in cinemas from your shell…here we go!