Security and Docker: tips and tricks

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Introduction Everyone use Docker and normally when something is so diffused, there’s always someone else that try to figure out how to leverage the diffusion to do bad things (you know what happened in Breaking Bad). Only a few months ago it happened that someone pushed some malicious software - cryptomining - over lot of images: this happened because, despite the fact that everyone use Docker, not so many people are really aware about security over Docker.

AWS Free Tier, Docker and Jenkins: smart resources handling with CloudWatch Events and Slack

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Introduction If you have an AWS account in Free Tier, you have (updated: March, 13th 2018) 750 hours/month to run EC2 (small ones) in your VPC. You also have a lot of other resources, such as AWS Lambda functions (I wrote about them here and here) and CloudWatch Events. In this article, I talk about smart resources handling and some trick - actually, not so smart XD - I setup to take the best from the services.

Golang, Docker and multistage build

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Recipe for a good meal A few months ago I started working with Golang to a proof-of-concept project using the amazing goa package (thank you atosatto for your advise): I omit the praise, I would only say that - imho - Golang it’s a very funny language to use for many reasons (stay tuned, I will write about Golang and my favourite packages). However, in this post I want to share a little piece of my experience about this project: the main ingredients for this recipe are Golang (in particular the goa package) and Docker - with some piece of Angular 4, nginx, and minor stuff.