Smart SPA Shower at home

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Preamble I recently bought 4 small smart bulbs - the latest one you most probably decide to buy for your smart home 😂😂 I think it’s useless talk about what you can do: I will only focus on the important things. They DON’T need an hub; They support Alexa; They support Google Assistant; They support IFTTT; There is an app, called Smart Life (iOS, Android) But most important you can build your small SPA in your bathroom.

JarvisButton: how to invoke multiple AWS Lambda with one AWS IoT Button (not Enterprise ed.)

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Introduction If you have an AWS account in Free Tier, bla bla bla ok stop: I am a AWS Lambda maniac. I only wrote about them (here, here). In this article, I want to talk about my new purchase that is - of course - related to AWS Lambda: the AWS IoT Button. It first made its appearance on the IoT scene in October of 2015 at AWS re:Invent with the introduction of the AWS IoT service.

AWS Free Tier, Docker and Jenkins: smart resources handling with CloudWatch Events and Slack

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Introduction If you have an AWS account in Free Tier, you have (updated: March, 13th 2018) 750 hours/month to run EC2 (small ones) in your VPC. You also have a lot of other resources, such as AWS Lambda functions (I wrote about them here and here) and CloudWatch Events. In this article, I talk about smart resources handling and some trick - actually, not so smart XD - I setup to take the best from the services.

Predix Machine and how to configure them

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Predix Machine and how to configure them In September, waiting for a contract proposal from the company where I currently work, I wrote a tool for the (more or less) automatic configuration of Predix© Machine. Predix©1 is the platform created by GE for Industry 4.0, powered by CloudFoundry2, to securely connect machines, data, and analytics to improve operational efficiency, help you develop, deploy, and operate industrial apps at the edge and in the cloud.