I am a platform engineer with a bachelor and a master degree in computer science - focused on artificial intelligence. I’m a AWS Certified Developer, AWS Certified Solution Architect and AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialist. I love Golang, Docker, serverless architecture and quantum computing/mechanics. In my free time, I’m a software developer - you can find me on Github at @made2591, a blogger, a juggler, a skier, a skater, a guitarist (sometimes) and a dreamer (always). I’m always looking for something to learn, for a team of passionate people to work with, a mentor to guide us, in a company that wants to make the difference.

My results

I graduated with honors and distinction with a thesis in the field of neuro-computational model, and specifically about taxonomic response and fast-mapping abilities of children, entitled A Visual Auditory Model based on Growing Self-organizing Maps to analyze the Taxonomic Response in early childhood. For this work, I was invited at the AI*IA conference, held in Genova from Nov 28th to Dec 1st 2016 to receive a special mention as one of the Best Italian Master thesis in Artificial Intelligence 😎.

What happened to me recently

My master thesis was published in the Journal of Cognitive System Research here - and moved to adidas HQ joining the Platform Engineering & Architecture Team as a Platform Engineer. I became AWS Certified Developer, AWS Certified Solution Architect and AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialist:

Some of my repo

and some others.

Some of my slides

Proud of

From time to time, I like studying reading about quantum world and a few time ago I started to collect some quantum-notes: in this document I write my personal notes about IBM Q platform, but most of all the quantum-computing world in general. I was also invited in Verona by the Quantum Research Group to talk about the platform. A pre-compiled (not super updated) version is available here! Enjoy the reading!

Actual work position (Enerbrain HQ)

Theme Description
AWS Use Amazon Web Services to …
*** develop build deploy repeat

Purposes (evergreen)

Brief Long
People work with technical people (mandatory)
Theme work on technical stuff (mandatory)
* work for a tech company

Interests (always changing)

golang, quantum world, cognitive systems but mainly… see purposes.